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7 Things Your Guest Don’t Care About and How to Focus on What They Do Care About!

Updated: May 22, 2019

Trying to plan the ultimate picture perfect Pinterest wedding can be time consuming and costly. Brides and grooms-to-be can get swept up on pesky details, when the focus should be on the details that matter most! If you’re trying to put a wedding together without overpaying, consider saving money and time not fretting over these 7 things your guests really don’t care about.

1. Invitations

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these beautifully designed pieces of papers often end up in the trash faster that you can say, “RSVP.” It may be the first impression on your wedding, but I guarantee you that your guests won’t be focused on what kind of paper it was printed on or whether a calligrapher hand did them. An invitation should be easy to understand and provide  helpful information for your guest. Give your guests a reason to read and hopefully hold on to your invitation longer.

The Solution: Find an affordable option that fits your budget and allows you to include useful pieces such as an information card on preferred hotels in the area, directions and the rsvp cards, etc. Also, don’t forget to budget for the stamp on the rsvp card!

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2. Programs

Much like your invitations, your programs will probably end up in the trash immediately after the wedding is over. Programs are beautiful and can be helpful to guests when following a large or unique ceremony, but they can also be unnecessary for small weddings, destination weddings or eco friendly wedding enthusiast. Unless you need your guests to read along or recite poems and scriptures I’m sure your guests won’t mind not having a program.

The Solution: Consider creating fun or unique sign that will outline your schedule if you find a program necessary. These signs double as being useful and adding style and design.

3. Linen

As much as I love beautiful speciality linens, they do get costly for larger weddings. Plus, your guest won’t know the hand woven silk linen is as special as you do, so it’s okay to pick a simpler linen and then amp it up with beautiful detailed tablescape decor. Even a white linen with candles in various sizes, chargers or even just splurging on speciality cloth napkins can transform it to a dramatic eye appealing table your guest would love to sit at the whole night. Specialty linens can get costly, so save yourself the money and choose something simple and functional that blends seamlessly with your décor.

The Solution: You can never go wrong with a traditional white linen or soft color to use as your base. Just make sure they are floor length, then add the details on top.

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4. Choreographed First Dance

Choreographed dances are awesome, but if you are pulling your hair out trying to remember your 1, 2, 3s, then don’t fret. Guests love to see you move, but it doesn’t have to be choreographed and last the entire song. Your first dance as newlyweds will still be an enchanting sight to see.

The Solution: Smile, relax, and have fun. Tackle a few moves that you can feel 100% comfortable with showing to your loved ones and keep the song to 2 mins or less.  

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5. The Bouquet Toss

The traditional bouquet toss can be perceived as old-fashioned and recently many brides skip it entirely. If you opt out, then it’s likely that no one will miss it since your guests will be busy having too much fun firing up the dance floor! I’ve never heard anyone say “Do you know what I enjoyed most about Sara’s wedding? The bouquet toss." Ha!

My Solution: Give you bouquet to your  mother, your aunt, your favorite sister, your grandmother, etc. Or just keep it and lay your eyes on it every moment you get because it will be beautiful!

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6. Cake

A large tiered cake is to be expected, but is never the only option. Large tiered cakes can be expensive and you can often be faced with plenty of leftovers. According to The Knot, wedding cakes can cost anywhere from $1.50 to $12 per slice. When you consider feeding 100-200 guests, the bill can run up quickly. Even our faux cake layer trend isn’t cheap because most of the work and the price is in the decorating.

The Solution: Hop on the dessert table trend! Whether you want to add an instagram worthy donut wall or just have a table with a ton of tasty treats, your guests will appreciate the creativity and the abundant options of sweets. Not into sweets at all? Try new trends like serving cheese and fruits or adding a 2nd champagne toast. Cheers!

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7. Open Seating

Sometimes couples decide to ditch the seating chart thinking they’re doing their guests a favor, but this can backfire and be extremely uncomfortable for your guests, especially those who don’t know anyone else are attending. It can also get really awkward when guests end up standing around because no one wants to get stuck in the dreaded single seat.

The Solution: Give your guests assigned tables rather than unassigned seating to avoid the madness. This still allows your guests flexibility when choose who sits beside them.

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As wedding planners, we are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams, while making the process as seamlessly as possible. While some of these elements can enhance your weddings look and aesthetic, it will not make or break your guests experience if the details that matter are handled best! The most important part of our job is bringing your vision to life without the added stress, by helping you focus on all the right details.

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