• Naidine Conde

Don't Overlook These 6 Wedding Details

From a day-of rescue kit to goodies for your bride tribe, here's a helpful reminder of six wedding details you don't want to forget.

1- Emergency Kit

Stuck zippers, foundation on your dress and stubborn flyaways are last minute inconveniences that can give any bride panic, but they are no match for your emergency kit. Here’s a list of items to include in your emergency kit to ensure you are ready for any last minute hiccups. We always bring our own kit to be the wedding planner superheroes you hire us to be, but the DIY bride can also be ready for action.

  • Safety pins

  • Needle and thread that match the color of your dress

  • Travel stain remover

  • Band aids to put over blisters from your feels

  • Bobby pins and hairspray for loose hair

  • Painkillers in case of headaches

  • Travel deodorant and mints to freshen up

  • Clear nail polish to stop any run in its tracks

2- Bridal “Getting Ready” Outfits

Typically a pair of cozy sweatpants and a shirt will do when getting ready for any event, but this just isn’t any event. Your Bride Tribe will appreciate you so much more on your wedding day if you do something a little special for their “getting ready” outfits, so think of it as a thank you for being part of the tribe. Get your girls an outfit that’s cute and comfortable, but more importantly won’t mess up your hair or makeup when you take it off. A robe is your best option! Easy to get on and off, no need to pull over your head, and perfect for photos with your bridal party while you prep. Not only is the robe a personalized keepsake, but it can still be used after the wedding and be the memory of a lifetime.

3- Start Personal Care Early

Every bride could use a bit of TLC leading up to the big day.  The added stress of wedding planning can tire you out or worse cause your skin to break out. Take care of your biggest beauty concerns early and consider starting a skincare routine. Face masks, moisturizers, and toners will be your best friend.

4- Personal Touches That Fit Your Style

Sometimes you can get wrapped up in the big picture and can easily forget about the little details that matter to you. But, this is your day! Personal touches that fit your style and reflect a bit of yourself make for a memorable wedding you and your guests will never forget. Some ideas we love are serving your favorite bar snacks to go with that signature cocktail, staying true to your superhero obsession and wearing your favorite socks under that tuxedo,  sending guest home with your favorite childhood chocolate cookies, fitting in a special dance with your nieces and nephews, playing your parent’s first dance song, and celebrating a family cultural tradition is always a fun idea.

5- Flower Girl Accessories

A sweet flower crown, bracelet or fabulous little shoes can double as a thank you gift to your flower girl for playing such a special role on your special day. Below we have our favorite perfect hoop bouquets designed by The Flower Girl Floral Design.

6- Hire a Stellar Wedding Planner

Every bride deserves to enjoy her wedding day and take in every moment without worrying about communication with vendors or guests calling with questions. Choose a planner to work with that gives you that good vibe and backs it up with stellar work and reviews. By choosing an awesome planner you are setting yourself on a path to a much enjoyable planning process from start to finish. We are here to make sure no stone goes unturned, so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

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